nada dura para siempre

After the events of the previous post and a week of third shift work, I needed to go out dancing tonight. So off to Esteban’s it was.

Esteban’s was nearly empty. I forgot that there was a new salsa venue opening tonight. Very few of my friends were there. And even the ones who came left early to check out the new place. Still, I stayed. I was determined to have fun. I chatted with my favorite bartender, Ilene. I danced with the few people who were there. I drank mojitos and rum. And then … the song came on.

When I first heard it a couple of years ago, I did not know enough Spanish to understand what it meant. It had a nice beat, but something about it made me feel melancholy. That might have partially been the circumstances under which I first heard it, but no, I think that even then I had an intuitive sense of what the song meant.

The song was “Todo Tiene Su Final” by Willie Colón and Héctor Lavoie. The first two lines of the song sum up the meaning pretty well. “Todo tiene su final. Nada dura para siempre.” It means (roughly) “Everything comes to an end. Nothing lasts forever.”

That song came on. And I needed to dance … or I was pretty sure that my soul would have torn itself in twain. I found the best dancer there and pulled her on to the floor. The ten or so other people in the bar just watched as we danced and for a little while, I just tried to expunge my pain by focusing it into the dance.

And for a little while, everything was ok.

But as the song says, “everything comes to an end.” And after that, I took my hair out of the ponytail, paid my tab, and went home. Before I left though, Ilene wrote me a note. She wants to get together sometime.

Everything does come to an end, but sometimes you can find some beginnings as well, if you are open to them.


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