as we get older and stop making sense

Hey, Owen! I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you complain for a while about having no friends and then when an opportunity arises to go out to a concert that you really would love to see with a brand-new person with friendship potential, why don’t you flake out on them and stay home to study for work? Doesn’t that sound like a great idea? Yes, you love the Pixies. Yes, meeting new people is fun. But really, you know that you need to stay home and get ready for the big tests coming up in two weeks.

I really do need to study, and I won’t get much of a chance this weekend with my work schedule, … but I would have loved to have seen the Pixies. Stupid reality!


4 responses to “as we get older and stop making sense

  1. it’s okay hun..there was drama when we got to the show anyway and ended up having to re buy our tickets (basically we got 2 tickets for the price of 6). I plan on getting extremely drunk in about three weeks once the semester is over…maybe we could hang out then

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