Christmas is here, bringing good cheer!

I definitely do not want to write about this weekend. The only way to sum it up, “no one else that I know is allowed to die this year. You must all wait until at least January, and preferably after the 10th to have any fatal accidents, follow any suicidal tendencies, or succumb to acts of God.”

Best case scenario, of course, is that none of you die in the near future at all, but since it is unrealistic of me to ask such a thing, I merely say, “please be careful.”

Anyway, here are a couple of strips which made me smile this morning. Although the first makes me ask what kind of world do I live in since so many people need a mix to make pancakes?! Seriously, folks. Pancakes are easy. Try making them from scratch sometime.

Second, today’s XKCD shows one more reason that I tend to avoid Facebook. Seriously. There are people with whom I should not reconnect. Stop being so creepy about it!


2 responses to “Christmas is here, bringing good cheer!

  1. I am definitely agreeing with you on Facebook…why do all my exes want to reconnect with me??? Hopefully you can come with this weekend and have a much better weekend 🙂

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