From everywhere filling the air …

Last night was They Might Be Giants night. I do not know if we are really having a theme tonight. I am still a little loopy from this morning. My jaw is a little bit sore; not enough that I need to take any painkillers, but just enough that I have a consistent reminder that there was work done.

Speaking (or rather, writing) of that, I have never truly felt like I was in a Bill Cosby sketch before. But this specialist was an exception. Here is an example of the conversation that we had while he was doing my root canal:

Dental surgeon: So, you work for Fermilab! That’s got to be one of the best jobs in the world!

Me: Gleh, Ah ehhaoir ih!1

DS: So, what will you do now that the LHC is up and running?

Me: Glel, uh eh’uh’ah ih ee uh or a uhul or eahs a’ e ha se’e’ah oah a’ekhs cu’ig uh.2

DS: Really? What kind?

I will spare you the semi-phonetic gobbledygook that ensued as I attempted to talk about Project X while my mouth was numbed by Novocaine, covered by a latex sheet, and filled with fingers and dental implements. All I will say is that, I honestly have no idea how in the world he understood me, but his responses indicated that he did.

[1] Yeah, I enjoy it!

[2] Well, the TeVatron will be up for a couple more years and we have several more projects coming up.

16 responses to “From everywhere filling the air …

  1. What is it about dentists attempting to have conversations with you while poking in your mouth with things? I have never understood it.
    I hope the Novocaine helped and that you’re feeling okay today!

    • I am doing quite well, thank you.
      And dentists are obviously attempting to distract their patients. People are so focused on: 1) the fact that they sound like someone has forced them to swallow an assortment of frozen gardening implements and
      2) somehow the dentist actually understands these primordial gutterings
      that they completely miss the fact that the dentist has actually broken several of the patient’s teeth, stolen their wallet, and seduced their significant other.

      • Your dentist did that to you, too? Man, I thought it was just me.

      • I am pretty sure that somewhere in the fine print of the paperwork that they have everyone sign it states, “doctor is not responsible for loss of money, romantic relationships or property damage incurred during your visit.”

  2. Yeah, it fascinates me the way the dentist tries to hold a conversation with you. Your transcription of your conversation had me in stitches!

  3. That was hilarious! *grinning hugely*
    I guess if anyone’s well practiced at understanding mangled speech (or appearing to), it’s the dentist. Also, I suppose that for some of us, a description of what goes on in the bowels of Fermilab would be largely incomprehensible anyway.

    • Oh, I don’t know. It’s not like I would start off talking about hobbit enclosures, flux capacitors, proton torpedoes, and ORCs. Although, maybe I should! πŸ˜‰

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