Songs of good cheer. Christmas is here!

Today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day was pretty cool. To tell the truth, it is pretty rare to find one that I do not like. That’s one of the reasons that I wound up getting into astronomy and astrophysics. Astronomy easily has the coolest photographs of any of the physical sciences. And physics has the best toys. You may feel free to tout the science of your choice in your comments, and I shall most likely agree with you, but I stand by the above statements.

Yesterday’s Sheldon comic did a bit on my favorite Christmas carol. If you have not figured what that is by now, obviously you have not been paying attention, since I actually came out and said what it was ten days ago! Not to mention the fact that I have used the lyrics for it as my subject titles for every post since the fourth of December.

Anything else? Well, today is the one hundred and eleventh anniversary of the Curies’ discovery of radium.

Also, here is the greatest strip of Dinosaur Comics ever!

I am more than halfway through my final 12 hour night shift of 2009! Yay!

And today will be the Winter Solstice! Woo hoo!


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