yet another subjectless post

First of all, I think that I need to see this movie

An animated version of the Ramayana with 1920s jazz songs? Done by Nina Paley, the person who did Fetch?

Count me in!

Second, I have no idea what I will do for New Year’s Eve. It is not that I do not have options. I have no shortage of invitations from people I would happily see. I just have not decided whether I want to go out or stay home to study/relax. I have been a bit burned out lately and I could really use the time off.

Last, there seems to be a decent chance that I will not be rid of the bed bugs by my birthday. I am not amused by this, but considering that it was an exterminator who told me this and not the landlord, I suppose that I will just have to deal.


4 responses to “yet another subjectless post

  1. Sita Sings the Blues is fantastic. You can watch it now on youtube or

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