I’ve never been more than a jugglin’ man, I’ll never be less than what I am …

So, the decade is almost over … what? You do not believe me? You’re one of those people who say, “there was no year zero, so the decade ends with 2010! And weren’t you one of us about the 20th century?” Actually, I have never cared much one way or the other as far as the century went. I just like an excuse for a good party and if I could get one in 1999 and another in 2000, even better. And for the decade … well, read as a fellow astronomer engages in a little decadence and explains that I am right.

Anyway, the decade is pretty much done. My friends in New Zealand, Australia, and China and even Europe have already hit the new year. No problems with 2010 from any of their perspectives. That’s good.

A part of me knows that this is the time to get all introspective and to look back at the good and bad of the past year, the past decade even. I do not think that I am up for that.

It’s been a rough year. But as the song says, “I get knocked down, but I get up again. You ain’t ever gonna keep me down.”

Instead, I’ll put up a link to an article that does an analysis of our current president’s first year. I have heard a few too many people with some unrealistic expectations from his presidency. Some people have been pretty critical of his first year. This article seems a bit better to me. Inch by inch, Barack Obama is moving mountains – Times Online
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I have some hopes for the new year. No resolutions, I do not believe in saving them for arbitrary dates. Life changes us every day, but if we want to change our lives, we have to be ready to do the same to it. But hopes? Yeah, I have some of those.

But in the end, all of my hopes can be boiled down to the following, “I hope that tomorrow will be better than today.”


8 responses to “I’ve never been more than a jugglin’ man, I’ll never be less than what I am …

  1. It’s the end of the decade. When we count, we should begin with zero – this book says so 🙂

    • I have always loved zero. It has been one of my favorite numbers since elementary school! And I have been tempted to read that book for years. I take it that you recommend it?

      • It is EXCELLENT. Very thin book – maybe 150 pages at the most? It’s been a while since I’ve read it, so I don’t remember. But it’s brilliant and makes the subject very understandable even to non-mathematicians. It even makes math *gasp* sexy.

      • And now I am imagining Naveen Andrews saying, “it’s time for the sexy math!” Obviously I have been watching too much LOST.

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