I can feel the morning’s promise like a firefly in my soul …

I’ve been thinking about/threatening to cut my hair for a long time now. Today, it felt like the right time to do it. I took out a hand held mirror and the scissors, sectioned off my hair with a ponytail holder to make it easier to see, and began.

A few minutes later, it was over. I still plan on buying some clippers to smooth out the rough bits, but my hair is cut.

My ears are cold.


16 responses to “I can feel the morning’s promise like a firefly in my soul …

  1. Wow! Well then, that is a fresh start, of the follicle variety.

    • πŸ™‚
      Actually I have a confession. I did not cut off all of my hair. I just chopped off the sides and the back so that they are about an inch long or so right now. I plan on buzzing them with clippers later so that it becomes a fade into the longer area up top.
      The top is long enough that when I do not put it in a ponytail, it covers my ears quite nicely. But I tend to keep it pulled back so that it stays out of my eyes.

  2. When I cut my dreads I saved them for a while in plastic baggies in a drawer. The plan was I’d send them to friends for general WTF-ness. But I think you’ve got a nice arrangement there. Maybe they’d go well in a nice vase?

  3. Hair today, gone tomorrow.

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