words I should really try to remember every year …

Hello me.

I do not know why we have had “Sweet Georgia Brown” running through our brain all day. It is not like we have seen the Harlem Globetrotters lately or anything.

Speaking of them, could we ever allow our body to become good at basketball? I mean, look at what happened with dancing when we stopped thinking so much. Is it possible that we could do the same with a sport that the average American male watches? No, juggling does not count.

While we are at it, do not freak out about this Saturday. Yes, I know. We say that we have not really made many expectations about this weekend, but it looks to me like the ones that we have made, we have grown rather attached to. And things rarely work out as planned. OK, we were fine when we found out that our friends from Ohio would not be able to visit; we might be able to see them next week. And we did not mind when we saw that one of our salsa friends had already announced Saturday night for her own birthday party at Esteban’s; we do not mind sharing. But what about the fact that there will be two other parties there that night (a party of 75 and a bachelorette party of 10); there won’t be any room for us to reserve a table to even put a cake on, will there?

Now I know me. Since we did not make a backup plan, every change to this plan is squiggling through the crinkles of our grey matter. And the more things change, the more desperately we say that everything is fine, while inside we cling pathetically to the fraying strands of our tattered dreams. We tell ourself that it is OK if XYZ change as long as A, B, and C stay the same. And when A and B change, we say that as long as C works out, everything will be all right.

And then C falls through as well.

And it does not matter that D through W turned out relatively well or even better than could reasonably be expected. By the time that we have gotten to that point, our hopes are dashed and we’ll be determined to make everyone else feel happy so that we can ignore how miserable we feel.


Do not build things up to ridiculous heights in our own mind. We are too old for this crap. Go out. Have fun. Leave it at that. I know what the last two big hopes are for Saturday and the one for Sunday. I know that one of the things for Saturday is nearly a given and the other is pretty likely … but things happen and if something goes wrong, we cannot let it ruin our day.

What about the Sunday thing? The only actual hope we have for our birthday? I think that we should find other things to think about and do that day. Because seriously, if we spend all day waiting and hoping for that one thing, then we have wasted our birthday.

In conclusion, life is OK, Owen. Enjoy it.




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