disturbing deliciousness!

I have not been able to eat meat (except fish) since the “Meat-gasm” a few weeks ago. This is not really a problem. I love vegetables and fish. It is sometimes hard finding a good vegetarian recipe, but that is the price one pays sometimes.

But someday I shall eat meat again, so I continue to look at recipes involving the stuff.

Today at work, one of my co-workers started talking about turduckens. From there, the conversation moved on to desserts and what would be an appropriate dessert for a turducken. That’s when I learned about the cherpumple.

I must make this someday! With a turducken! And maybe layered drinks on the side!

ETA: My co-workers are ordering a pizza tonight and threatening to charge us by height! I do not like this idea. I may not be a giant, but I am the tallest person in the room …


8 responses to “disturbing deliciousness!

  1. Wow…I am pretty sure if you ever made a dinner like this, you would probably collapse soon after for clogged arteries….

  2. Well since I have been a vegetarian for ten years I am going to have to pass 🙂 ….and yes I know being a Vegetarian from Texas is an oxymoron

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