and we know what we’re knowin’ but we can’t say what we’ve seen

Age is wasted on the old.

Seriously. Oh, I know. Most people say that about youth. Bah! Kids (for the most part) enjoy being kids. They like to play and do stuff. But adults? How many adults really take advantage of what they get that kids don’t?

Adults can drive! I have found that driving becomes infinitely more fun if you make the “vroom! vroom!” noises. Lean in close to the wheel every now and then and (while continuing to drive safely) pretend that you are in Monaco or some other race of your choosing.

Adults get to play with money! Writing checks and paying bills becomes fun when you pretend that you are six years old and learning to play with your parents’ checkbook. Enclose crayon drawings with the checks when you mail them out. If you do not use checks, feel free to just give yourself a gold star every now and then when you balance your budget. Again, crayon makes everything more fun!

Adults can eat what they want, when they want! If I want dessert first, I can have dessert first! If I want a day of nothing but pancakes, I can have a day of nothing but pancakes!

Assuming that you are financially independent and no longer living with them, your parents cannot tell you what you can and cannot have. That means that if you want, for example a new “toy” and you have the money, you can get it! I have found that reinforcing this fact makes buying the object a little sweeter. Take the following conversation for example:

Mom: Hi, Owen! How are you.
Me: Great Mom! Say, can I buy a unicycle?
Mom: What? Do you really need a unicycle?
Me: Sure! I can use it to exercise! And it will be fun!
Mom: … I guess …
Me: No, Mom. You’re supposed to say “no!”
Mom: What?
Me: Yeah! See, I am an adult now so that means that even if we disagree on something, I can use my best judgment and if I think it is still right, I get to do it anyway! But if you say, “yes,” it ruins the whole thing.
Mom: You are really silly.
Me: I learned from the best, Mom.

You get the idea. Adulthood is fun … as long as you are a kid about it.

And because it is just this kind of day …


6 responses to “and we know what we’re knowin’ but we can’t say what we’ve seen

  1. I like no one telling me when to go to bed.
    Oh! And watching horribly embarrassing TV shows and movies with no one to judge me! πŸ˜€

    • Yes! Those are wonderful adulthood things! πŸ™‚
      I think part of the problem is that there is a difference between immaturity and keeping some of your childhood alive. Some people are so afraid of the former that they deny any chance of the latter. Others are so in love with their childhood that they never really grow up.
      I’m not saying that it is easy; I think of it is a path. I tend to wander back and forth between the forest of responsibility and the briar patch of immaturity. But I think I am getting better at it. πŸ™‚

      • Yes, there is a line between childlike happiness and immaturity. It’s important to figure out where that line is, respect it, and go on with your coloring books, side walk chalk, and licking the beaters. πŸ˜€

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