I am seriously considering a vacation to Hawai’i.

I would come back with a ukulele and macadamia nuts and probably a few new shirts.

I doubt there is any salsa dancing there, but you never know …


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  1. Oh I LOVE him! He was awesome.
    May I suggest this one as well?

  2. Oh I’ve vacationed in Hawai’i and lived on Kauai. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
    I would suggest you see another island besides OR in addition to Oahu. Many people are disappointed because it feels like LA on a island. However Oahu has so many well known attractions so you should see it.
    But if you want the unspoiled paradise, I suggest Kauai. There’s enough things to do and it FEELS like a island paradise. Just make sure to rent a car on Kauai since there’s no public transportation.

    • A co-worker of mine is going to Moloka’i. I am tempted to do the same. I figure a nice place for hiking and photography sounds faboo. If I go to Oahu, I really think that I do not want to spend more than a day or two.
      Would you suggest island hopping or sticking to a place like Kauai for the majority of the trip?

      • Just my opinion…
        Keep the island hopping to just two islands. See Oahu and another island of your choice.
        Maui is sorta like California. It felt like it in 1997 and I heard “Californication is alive and well in Maui.” in 2004
        After Hurricane Iniki I heard they really built it up. However I wasn’t there to so it so it MIGHT be more city like.
        However this is all hearsay and not from something that’s been there.
        If you island hop, figure you’re going to lose a day to do most touristy things. Wake up, check out, go to the airport, wait, take the less than one hour flight, get your bags, wait for the shuttle, check in and it could get about 2 in the afternoon before you’re able to lay on the bed. That’s not super bad but you’ll miss most of the activities that start in the morning or around noon.
        This is a GREAT day to drive around, enjoy a luau and finalize what you want to do.
        A 7 day vacation would be awesome but 5 is the bare minimum I would take.
        Oh Kauai has the Hanalei valley and Waimea canyon (Called The Grand Canyon of the Pacific by Mark Twain). You can hike and take great photos. If you like underwater photography, they’ve even had 300 foot visibility in the water which is very rare.
        Oh yeah… Oahu is just fine for 2 days. North Shore, the Bowl (where the fish come to you), Pearl Harbor, a trip around the island if you want, The Cultural Center, and even some nightclubbing if you like.

      • Oh forgot, yeah four or five days is fine for Kauai.
        After that you might be “less excited”. There’s a boat out to the Napali Coast, a kayak trip up the river, a helicopter tour to the center of the island, Scuba if you want it, and then it just sort of tapers off…
        Then you get the B list activities. =)

  3. We’ve been to Hawaii several times; the first time just Oahu, the second time we took a day trip over to The Big Island of Hawai’i, and the third time we took a day trip to Maui as well.
    Can’t say as I’ve seen salsa dancing (although I suppose you might find some in the clubs if that’s your thing) but on Oahu you MUST go to the Polynesian Cultural Center (go here) and get one of the Ambassadorial passes, and see the evening show there as well – tons of impressive hula dancing!

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