just a little homesick, I guess …

It has been almost a year and a half since I was last in New Mexico. It has been about nine months since I was last in Mexico City. I miss those places.

I want to be in the mountains. I want to hike for hours in places frequented by antelope, bears, coyotes, deer, and elk. I want to be able to look out my front window on a spring day and see hummingbirds and ravens. I want to visit cliff dwellings and climb their heights on a regular basis. I want to go to natural warm springs and bask in their shallow pools. I want to go camping beneath the stars where I can just make out the Milky Way.

I want to visit Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Chimayo again. I want to be able to go to a restaurant and have someone ask me “red or green.” I want green chiles as an option on anything. I want to be able to walk down the street and just barely be able to understand what I am hearing. I want to see vendors everywhere hawking their wares. I want cheap silver made by local artisans. I want to be in a place where the majority of the people around me actually have a skin tone close to mine. I want to spend my days outside and my nights dancing to syncopated beats and lightning fast guitar licks.

I want to go back to México again. I want to go back to D.F. and to see the excavations. I want to taste the foods, see the sights, feel the rhythm of the city and the wild pulse of the traffic. I want to spend time in a place where I cannot speak the language … but I am learning, and people are pretty patient with that.

It is tempting here to extend the fact that I miss those places to the people from there, especially the one person who shares both places with me. I shall not do that. I refuse to go down that path again.

Besides, to be totally clear, Chicago is a great place and I love my job. It is the best job ever (for me.) I never expected to enjoy a place of employment as much as I enjoy this one.

I just wish sometimes that I could move it somewhere else.


4 responses to “just a little homesick, I guess …

  1. I sometimes wish I could move Chicago elsewhere as well, I love the city and the people, but I miss the “wide open spaces” in Texas (which is a cliche I know)…Honestly I have to keep telling myself it is only temporary and then I can go elsewhere…like Portland

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