Awesome amazing videos of doomishness!

Been far too busy with work and stuff. But here is something post-like.

First of all, by now you have probably seen the Hitler videos on YouTube. In my opinion, the following tops them all and pretty much ends the genre. Seriously. You really cannot expand upon them any more. Too late. It’s over.

Second, last night at work, a Floyd song came on from “A Momentary Lapse of Reason.” It is my least favorite Floyd album, but it has one of their strongest songs, “On the Turning Away.” Remembering this, I did a search for it on YouTube and found this …

There is no sound at my stations in the main control room. I just wanted to see what the video looked like. Amusingly enough, at pretty much the exact point when the music starts in the video, the CD player at work randomly selected that song.


In other news, I have not watched a single second of the Olympics this time around. Nothing against it. I just have other things that are keeping me busy.

Like what? Um, work stuff! Yeah! That’s it. Certainly not things like this

Yep. Busy with real stuff. Scienc-y stuff. Secret stuff. OK. I got nothin’. But I really have been busy. I think.

And now I am going to get dressed. What? No! I’m not going to spend the morning catching up on Legend of Neil. What do you take me for? Felicia Day is pretty though …


2 responses to “Awesome amazing videos of doomishness!

  1. To steal a line from Hey Arnold: “Queen of the Geeks! Queen of the Geeks! Queen of the Geeks!”

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