Is it weird that my first thought upon seeing Patrick Stewart last night was, “Oh wow! He’s human sized?”

No? Not weird at all? You thought the same thing when you met Wil Wheaton and then you actually said it to him and now he thinks you’re a complete spaz and there’s a restraining order and you are not allowed within 50 yards of him which was really awkward that time you were in the men’s room and he walked in after you were already there? Oh. Well, that’s … nice, I suppose.

I finally finished the first two seasons of Big Bang Theory as well as both seasons of The Legend of Neil. I could write pages of what is wrong about Big Bang Theory, but I do not really want to do that. Instead, I shall focus on the things that I like about it.

Sheldon is a theoretical physicist. Harold is an engineer. The writers do an OK job of putting Leonard, an experimental physicist, squarely in the middle of them.

Sheldon is completely over the top. The actor makes that fun to watch, even though it is quite obvious that in real life, a person who acted like him would have no friends.

The references to science fiction, fantasy, and comic books are usually very well done. Similarly, the physics equations written in various places around the show are always correct … but truthfully, I would be rather forgiving even if they made mistakes on that.

The geek swag is choice. The t-shirts from DC comics and are my favorites.

And the humor really is not bad.


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