… and the moon sometimes looks like a “C,” but you can’t eat that!

I have a cold. You can tell because my voice sounds like this …

No cookies for me today though. I am fasting. I have found that it is easier to switch into a different sleep schedule if on the days before I start the shift, I do not eat until the time that I plan on waking up. So no food for me until after sunset. Maybe around 7pm so that tomorrow I can wake up in time for LOST.

I watched Moon last night. Very cool movie. Definitely one of the best SF movies in the recent past. Hard SF, too. No aliens, it was all based pretty well on things that are foreseeably possible if you just look a little bit ahead of where we are now. It was suspenseful, dramatic, and a great vehicle for Sam Rockwell. I loved the cinematography and lighting. The lunar landscape and moon base looked authentically sparse, lonely, and yet beautiful. Also, I really liked Kevin Spacey’s voice work as GERTY.

I have heard that there is talk of another movie in this same universe. If so, I shall definitely be in line to watch it.


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