mmm, shallots and scallops!

I was sitting here eating scallops, shallots, and other things that begin with ‘s’ when the email came. A friend of mine let me look at her upcoming short story before it will be published as a “thank you” for helping her with some of the science bits.

Wow! I cannot wait for this to be published. She had told me that she was going for magic realism like Borges or García Márquez. I was uncertain how that would work with the questions that she asked me.

The answer apparently is, “quite well.”

In other news, this picture made me laugh.

So did this video …

although a part of me feels guilty for admitting that.

Yes, I did like the original Star Wars Trilogy, why do you ask?


6 responses to “mmm, shallots and scallops!

  1. so, which thursday evening/friday in march would be best for me to visit? 🙂
    The 11th is taken… but otherwise it’s generally open.

    • This one (i.e. tomorrow) is good, but I imagine that’s taken. Since the 11th is definitely filled for you, that leaves either the 18th or the 25th. Either one is do-able although the 18th is slightly better than the 25th.

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