… showing feelings of an almost human nature! This will not do.

So apparently, time and rotation are finally doing a number on me. I really do not want to get into it, but I need to go see my doctor. Preferably sooner than later. It’s one of those “could be minor and easily fixed or possibly something worse but the only way to be sure is to go get it checked out” type of things.

And since I am going right after I noticed the symptoms that’s good, right? Right?


Completely random music at work today. It has become part of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” if you could not tell by my subject. I love that album although I have not owned it since I sold all of my cassettes. That was … fifteen years ago, I think? Yikes.

I know that I should go out dancing tonight, but I do not feel good. Probably remnants of the first paragraph. I’ll probably go home and go to bed as soon as this shift ends.


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