In which, I wax crotchety …

One of my co-workers brought in blueberry strudel today. One of the scientists just brought us homemade tiramisu. And I cannot eat any because my body is acting weird. :-/

For the record: the Oscars. I can take ’em or leave ’em. You can blame the fact that I really do not watch many movies any more, if you like. But the truth is, if I like a movie, that’s really enough for me. I really do not care what the Academy thinks.


8 responses to “In which, I wax crotchety …

  1. no! crotchety is supposed to be all hairy!
    so… what’s up with the mysterious health thing? you ok?

    • Well, I have not shaved lately. Is that hairy enough?
      And the health thing … I hope that I am not making too big a deal about this. I did a little reading and basically it could be small or it could turn into something nasty.
      I have really bad heartburn (and until last Thursday, I had never had heartburn before) which has been accompanied by blood in my cough and my stool. It could be that the stress of the rotating shift along with some changes to my diet have completely thrown my body out of whack. If that’s the case, the combination of being on a normal schedule for the next two weeks plus exercise and good diet should help. If it’s not, the possible causes rapidly become more serious. So, I’m going to take a day off next week, talk to my doctor and see what she says.

      • ih… well, ulcers are something common that can be dealt with, and this sounds like that? I would think that even if there are worse options, there are common middlin causes as well.
        (hugs) I imagine they’ll do an upper GI, which is no big deal (beyond needing to get a ride home), and find out relatively easily what the deal is. Let us know what she comes up with.

      • From my research, an ulcer, while possible is less likely than some of the other options at the moment, mainly due to the fact that I have had no symptoms before now. There are several easily dealt with options (acid reflux, polyps, an infection, and I think a few other things) that are still possible. After that though, something that comes on that fast and is not one of the above starts becoming a bit on the serious side.
        But again, I’m not a doctor. And I’m not panicking by any stretch of the imagination. Mainly annoyed and uncomfortable. Stupid body! 😛

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