Doctor’s Orders

Walkaround for Main Injector today. I hope I can ask good questions and write down enough pertinent info. This is the central synchrotron. If I can get this one, all the rest will fall in place.

The doc tells me that life is fatal in 100% of all cases studied. In the meantime, enjoy it. So I will. Starting with this trailer for a movie that I must see this December.

In other news, while the temporary closing of the LHC is sad, it is not exactly unexpected.


20 responses to “Doctor’s Orders

  1. Man do I need to see that. I saw the trailer at Alice in Wonderland last night and I made little girl noises.

  2. er. So what specifically did the doctor say?

    • I was going to write out the whole thing like a play, but I am tired, busy, and not feeling the greatest at the moment. I’ll sum up.
      I did not actually get to see her. We talked on the phone. She told me to keep doing what I am doing and that we can schedule an appointment. If I want/need help sooner, we can work something out or visit an emergency room, but from what I described from my pain level, how well the pepcid is working, etc., she wants me to try to see if there is any actual improvement first. If it does not seem like it is getting better or if it gets worse after a couple more days, I will get help.
      In the meantime, no need to stress. πŸ™‚

  3. You do realize your job makes you one of those guys in your typical sci-fi/horror/action flick in which Vin Diesel or Daniel Craig break in at some point to stop Armageddon/terrorists/crooked politicians/drug lords and you’ll have to help? Brainy scientist tech dudes make shit happen in those movies, yo.

    • When I worked at Los Alamos, I thought about that a lot! Especially on the occasional night when I would find myself working later than my co-workers … in a secure government facility … in the middle of the mountains. I often thought, while wandering the empty halls, that if I were in a Bond movie, if I stumbled in at the wrong time to the wrong place I would either be killed or become a bumbling sidekick.
      My current job leads itself more to speculation about what would happen in the event of a sci-fi/horror movie. Those times, late at night when I occassionally find myself wanding underground in tunnels with radioactive components … with nothing but a leatherman and an LED flashlight (because some parts of the tunnels are not well lit …)!
      Pop culture movies have ruined my brain! πŸ˜‰

  4. Out of curiosity, as a person who knows something about these things, do you think that that LHC article is basically accurate? Whenever I see news reporting on a scientific topic that I actually know something about, there always seems to be some glaring inaccuracy.

    • While there are inaccuracies, I would say that the article is basically correct. I have larger problems with what Dr. Myers says … but that is not something that I want to get into at the moment.

  5. I HAVE to see this when it comes out as well…saw the trailer in 3D when I saw Alice in Wonderland….I loved Tron as a kid so if you don’t have a date yet…. πŸ˜‰

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