Pauvre, pauvre pushy-cat!

There are no cats in this post. That is quite sad, because it might make the post better. In the same way that ice cream makes pie better. Or chocolate syrup makes ice cream better. Pie with ice cream and chocolate syrup? Well, that depends on the pie, doesn’t it?

I am awake. It is 6-something in the morning and I am awake. Not only that, but I have been awake for about four hours now. Why am I awake? Is there something wrong with me? Have I discovered that my neighbors are engaged in raising the dead to feast upon the living and steal our nütella? No, although that would probably make for an interesting night.

No, I am awake because I have officially crossed over into lame-osity. Last night, Friday night, I fell asleep at about 8pm. Yes, I know that my last post says that it came out at almost 9pm. That was incorrect. I think that the computer is embarrassed by me and is trying to make me seem cooler than I am. Ha ha! Silly computer. It was a post about science! I was doomed from the start!

I was at home, watching some action movie and just could not keep my eyes open. It was like those Tom and Jerry cartoons where he would try to stay awake by putting toothpicks under his eyelids to keep them open and the toothpicks would break because his eyelids were too heavy … except that I would never do something like that because it seems insane!

Seriously, ow!

Hmm. I am hungry. I should make breakfast. Pancakes would be nice. Or waffles! Mmm, waffles. I just love the word, “waffle.” It sounds fun! But of course to have waffles, I either need to go buy some frozen ones, or I need to buy a waffle iron. The latter will require me waiting until a place that sells them is open. The former just requires that I put on pants and a jacket.

My choice is clear.


6 responses to “Pauvre, pauvre pushy-cat!

  1. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one awake. I went with buttered raisin toast, strawberry yogurt and an orange.
    Good luck with the waffles.

    • Oh, that sounds delightful! I shall buy some oranges and yogurt while I am out! 🙂
      And by the way, I know that things have been kind of rough for you in the recent past. I keep meaning to write in and let you know that I am thinking of you. Sorry that I have not.

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