how many random things make a post, anyway?

Went to a salsa workshop Sunday afternoon. Several hours of intensive salsa instruction. This is good since I will not be able to dance again until sometime next week.

I’m not really sure what to call it when I make the sauce for spaghetti carbonera and combine it with scallops … but the adjective would be delicious! I made that Sunday night.

I made a soufflé on Monday. Gruyère and English Cheddar. It came out fantastic! Now I want to make another soufflé but with something different. I know that I have mentioned making a key lime soufflé and I still might do that … but right now I am tempted to make one based on New England Clam Chowder.

Rode the unicycle today until I could not move my legs. I learned that although I am becoming better at riding on my balcony, riding anywhere else is absolutely exhausting and makes falling easier. Furthermore, I learned that if I ride until I cannot move my legs, it makes getting back to my apartment … difficult.

And now, because I seem to always need to re-prove my geekitude … here is a nifty video


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