1, 2, 3

First of all, Christopher Moore was amazingly funny! I loved meeting him. I wish I could have talked more and asked questions like, “did you get to explore the city at all” or “what’s your favorite way to unwind?” Oh well.

Second, I just found out that the bartender who has been flirting with me for the past year (on and off) is the oldest daughter of the owner of the bar. I suppose that I should have known, but I am kind of slow sometimes. It makes me wonder whether we should stop. I would hate to have the owner ticked off at me if things did not work out …

Third, I made it through work without a single drop of coffee! I am going to try to cut it completely out for a while until my stomach and throat are healed.


4 responses to “1, 2, 3

  1. meh! you can’t cool it off just because her dad is the owner. that’s *way* too sitcom. there’s no reason to expect that either he or she would be silly enough to cause you problems if things didn’t happen to work out.

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