So unicycling is getting easier. I’m still not proficient by any stretch of the imagination, but if I keep up my current practice schedule, there is no doubt that I will be riding down the street by the beginning of the summer and ready for jousting by the shutdown.

Other skills I plan on learning:

  • knife throwing
  • handstand pushups
  • escapology
  • rock climbing
  • parkour
  • how to use a bullwhip
  • how to ride a motorcycle
  • how to play guitar like Buddy Guy, Rodrigo y Gabriela, and Django Reinhardt
  • other stuff that I cannot think of after working all night

No, I do not plan on learning all of these things this year, but I do plan on learning them.


16 responses to “tamacun

  1. Knife throwing is harder than it sounds, because not only do you need to hit a target, but you need to know which side of the knife you’ll hit with (which has a lot to do with estimating distance).

  2. Do you juggle? If you do, you’re another data point for my “everyone who unicycles also juggles” theory.

    • I just saw your response to the comment above. Of course you juggle!

      • Yes, I juggle. But I do know a person who rides a unicycle but who does not juggle! At least I do not think that he does. I shall see him tonight when I go in to work. I’ll ask him then.

      • There’s a guy in my juggling club who joined only because he was a uni rider who wanted to hang out with other uni riders, and all the other uni riders were in the juggling club. He’s an amazing juggler now.

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