owen something something

sleep madness!

i can feel my dain bramaging! It feels like a twinkie.

I have not had one of those since I was a kid. Now they do not appeal to me. At all. In fact, the very idea of them kind of grosses me out.

On the other hand, on the rare occasion that I see a zinger, I cannot help but think of the zinger zapper!

Of course, that brings me back to the following …

Whenever you saw that, you knew that something cool was about to come on.

I started writing this about 1am. The only way that I could have anything semi-sensible was by putting up the above videos. It’s 4:06am now. I have re-typed a few of these sentences more than once because my brain is not working right. Owen needs sleep. Badly!

I keep feeling like I am facing a direction different than the one that I am actually facing. Orthogonal to my real one. for some reason, I almost typed the word “dragon” instead of “one.” I need help.

Slaphappiness is setting in. I am having trouble sitting in a vertical fashion. I keep listing like a sailboat.

Attempted to type the outline of my thumb while listening to my co-workers compare healthcare to .. something. I forget what.

Someone said the word “coffee!” I don’t care about my stomach! If I don’t drink some, there is no way that I will stay awake this shift! Charge!


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