six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch!

So, let’s see. What to write about …

I could write about how I made banana quesadillas this morning. It sounded kind of weird to me, and it’s not like I had a recipe. I just decided that I wanted to try to make them. I had bought some red bananas last night and I wanted to use them to find out what they tasted like. The answer apparently is yummy!

For supper tonight, I made sea bass which I baked in the oven with lime juice and a few spices. I also cooked some jasmine rice and mixed it with a bit of OJ and another sliced red banana. Then I put some homemade pineapple salsa on the fish. Mmm! Happiness abounding!

I suppose that I could try to write about things other than food.

It is cold outside though, and I cannot motivate myself to go outside in this weather. No unicycling. No juggling. Just sat inside today with a variety of books. I occasionally considered playing guitar, but I just was not in the mood.

No more writing for now. Back to reading.


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