When I look into your faces, I see a little bit of Elvis in each and every one of you!

I am really getting sick of the fact that I see commercials when I go to log in to LJ. Not cool. I can understand the idea of commercials after LJ has ascertained whether you are a paying customer, but beforehand will force even paid accounts to see the ads. I had been toying with the idea of renewing my account to avoid the commercials, but now? It seems that there is no escape. :/

Other stuff. I was talking to someone last night about having lots of hobbies. She said that she does lots of things but she never has time to keep up with them all so something always suffers.

I know exactly what she means.

I have not played guitar in far too long; Dulcinea sits forlorn by my bed. Nor have I played my harmonica for a while since it seems to have hidden itself away. Music in general seems to have suffered in my life.

On the other hand, I have been cooking more. I am determined to buy a new food processor so that I can start making my own salsas again. Don’t get me wrong, the canned stuff from Frontera Grill is very good. And I like the fresh salsas that I buy at Whole Foods. But I know that I can make stuff just as good as both of the above.

The cooking is mostly related to the changes in the weather and my health. Inspiration and necessity. Two powerful forces, n’est-ce pas?

I should write something more amusing about my life … but I think I might be a bit burned out.

Oh! Here is something neat. Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company. Haven’t you been looking for a good place to buy a gallon of omnipotence?


4 responses to “When I look into your faces, I see a little bit of Elvis in each and every one of you!

  1. “Elvis eats boats boats boats”
    My friend corrected me on that one, but I still prefer my version.

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