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So I was here at work, reading an article on NPR called “Why the Animal Critics Give the Panda an F” when I got to the part about Great White Sharks. And then I thought about the fact that recently people have been getting phenomenal shots of them breaching … like this one …

and then I looked at pictures like that one again. And it hit me.

All those years, all those millenia, sharks have stayed essentially the same. The main change is that they have gotten smaller. And not out of some act of kindness on their part nor some misplaced belief that becoming smaller would make them “cute.”1 Nope. They got smaller because they ate everything that could support their size!

And you know what I think when I watch videos2 of them launching themselves out of the ocean like freaking predatory missiles? I think, “oh no! Someone told them about evolution and they are trying to force the issue.”

The sharks are trying to adapt to the air.

Whether they expect to fly like birds, crawl onto land or both, I don’t know. But they are coming. Sooner or later we will either have to deal with this … or this.

Oh, and tangentially related (by the fact that the above image is from XKCD) here is a game suggested by this comic.

Completely unrelated, I want to write a blog entry about the plight of naugas, but that might wait until later.

In other news, one of my co-workers has downloaded a bunch of songs that were transformed into 8-bit. So just now we were listening to a version of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” that would have felt right at home on an old NES console.

[1] Can you imagine how dangerous great white sharks would be if they were cute? Like “beagle puppies playing with kittens and baby bunnies” cute? Mankind would be hors d’oeuvres!

[2] No, I’m not linking those. I’m at work and have enough stuff (that should be) keeping me busy. If you want to see them, just do a quick google search on “great white shark breach” under the video tab and you’ll find some nifty ones.


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