la vida es un carnival

I’m at the laundromat, washing blacks and whites. Most of my wardrobe is, perhaps unsurprisingly, filled with bright colors. Scarlets and vermillions. Royal blues and emerald greens. I’m a pretty bright guy. I stand out in a crowd.

But still, monochromatics, black & white, are at the base. White socks for running. Black socks for dancing. White dress shirts. Black slacks. I have more black t-shirts than I originally suspected. And of course, my greys can go in either pile.

I look up now and see a commercial for a chance to win “La Boda de [mis] Sueños.” Happy Chicagoland couples are in the commercial, chatting in español. I think about how a few years ago, I would not have understood any of it. I push the thought aside. I do not want to tread that mental path right now.

Instead I think about yesterday.

I think about how my salsa instructor let me have a special private lesson with him so that I could learn the things I missed in the workshop I missed last Sunday. He showed me some fun tips and I did my best to incorporate them. I like to make dancing fun for my partner. I like them to be at ease and for them to realize it’s OK to make mistakes. The imprtant thing is to enjoy moving to the music. Technical precision is nice and it comes with time, but fun is what it’s all about for me.

I tend to eschew some of the sexier moves in order to accomplish that. No, wait. That’s not quite true. I do a great body roll that tends to make my partners eyes light up. And I have a few other tricks up my sleeve. But I’m not the guy who makes girls swoon and guys go “day-umm!” I’m just someone who likes to dance and who hopefully makes everyone else feel good about dancing with me.

So I was pretty surprised when I found out that both my instructor and the owner of the bar had hoped that I would be one of the “stars” in their version of “Dancing With The Stars.”

I was flattered, flabbergasted, and honored in rapid succession. I have seen a lot of the other “stars.” They are good. Really good. At least one of them teaches classes. And they think I’m in the same league as him? Cool beans! 🙂

I think that I have a long way to go before I am satisfied. But it is nice to know that people think so highly of me.


4 responses to “la vida es un carnival

  1. Congrats love!!! And you are a great dancer. The night you and I went out, I can honestly say you made me feel very comfortable in being a “white girl” who only knew how to salsa by pretending I was giving hip checks in derby 🙂

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