things I didn’t want to hear dept.

“So, you’re still having problems with your stomach, huh? Yeah, the not knowing is the worst part. My mom had something similar wrong with her and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong for years! Then one day, they figured out that she had blood cancer!”


6 responses to “things I didn’t want to hear dept.

  1. eek. i imagine you’ve got some steps left to go before it gets declared all that mysterious tho, right? what’s the current hypothesis set?

    • Honestly, I am pretty darn sure that my co-worker who suggested that was suggesting a case that was way out of line.
      Still, it was not exactly something that I wanted to hear.
      Current hypothesis that doc and I are working with is that it is the result of stress from the rotating schedule combined with my love of spicy and acidic foods. Basically, she wants me to cut out beef, pork, fried, spicy, and acidic foods for a while. Then if my health seems manageable after that, I should change my diet during owl shift. The principle to keep with is only one to one and a half “vice(s)” per day for a while. And I should consider owl shift as half of a vice.
      So during owl shift, I am only allowing myself only one cup of coffee a night.

      • (nods)… might check and see if it lines up with any particular foods or other context as well. I did similar diet restrictions and took pepcid daily for acid reflux for 7 years or so before managing to sort out on my own that it was a lactose intolerance. Which isn’t to imply that that’s your problem, just that it’s sometimes worth exploring the problem space to see if any correlations pop up, in addition to following the “I’ll be careful with immediate triggers because I’m slightly generally broken” thesis.
        Usually when you sort out the real source of a chronic problem, things get radically better. If being careful fixes everything, then yay, that’s it 🙂 But if things only get slightly and tentatively better, keep poking 🙂 Scientist style.

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