Link Dump!

I remember thirty years ago. I was living in New Jersey. Randolph to be precise. I would get home to hear my mother chant, “it’s on! It’s on! I have fixed some popcorn. Sit down and we can watch it!” And then I would see this:

Every day after school, my mother and I would sing the Star Blazers theme song. My heart threatened to vibrate out of my chest and a chill would run down my back as I heard the opening horns. Ah, Star Blazers. How I loved you. I loved sharing it with my mother. I loved the action, the adventure, the drama. I loved the continuing story, something that most cartoons (even now) do not have in the US.

And now, thanks to one of my favorite comic book artists, Colleen Doran, I saw something that filled me with that same anticipation …

You had better believe that I sent my mother a link to that immediately!

Now to close some tabs on Firefox and spread news like a virus!

Sarah McLachlan is defending Lilith Fair from critics.

This is one impressive father who created one of the more useful smartphone apps out there.

I have mixed feelings about placebos, but I am glad that more research is going into their usefulness.

This story just makes me furious! I think that I will increase the amount that I send to Doctors Without Borders.

I cannot help it, the note made me laugh.

Finally, here is an interesting take on some differences between Arizona’s and New Mexico’s immigration policies. I think that the article itself is a bit simplistic, but a full diagnosis would be book length. So this is good for what it is.


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