notes for my own benefit

I recently discovered that my older cousin spent a month in Haiti helping out. Today, I received an email from a friend in Liberia who is volunteering. What they have both told me breaks my heart.

And then there is me. What have I done? Not enough, I suppose.

Well, I am not going to sit around feeling guilty. This just makes me more determined than ever to fix my own life so that I can help others. It should not take too long. Maybe by the end of June I can have everything figured out.

I will donate to Doctors without Borders, the Red Cross, and UNICEF directly from work, since Fermilab has promised to match anything I give in that manner. I’ll reorganize my finances to cut away anything that I can do without. And I will organize my time better so that I can volunteer.

Earlier this week, lyceum_arabica stopped by with her bf. I think that I did OK on the cooking end of things. I took some portobello caps, brushed them with olive oil, seasoned them with salt and freshly ground pepper, put on a little gluten-free marinara, shredded some mozzarella and basil, and put them on the cap with some sliced smoked sausage to make a pseudo pizza. I served it with hard pear cider. It all came out very well! Since they had to leave early in the morning, I made them breakfast sandwiches out of gluten free waffles, eggs over easy, and sliced ham. It was good to practice making food for people again. And both dishes were pretty quick and easy. So yay! Go, me!

Other neat stuff. I am apparently arranging a group of people to go see Orquestra Buena Vista Social Club at the Ravinia Festival this summer. The next day, I shall be going to see Bobby McFerrin there. Best of all, for that second one, I actually have a front row ticket! Woo! O_o

In other news, no. I do not have a girlfriend. I just have several pretty ladies who enjoy spending time with me, but none of whom want anything serious. One of them has called me “arm candy.” I feel so used! 😛

And finally, I am seriously attempting to write a comic book proposal for DC. We shall see if it goes anywhere, but I have high hopes. My friend Kij is very encouraging, so maybe there is a shot.


2 responses to “notes for my own benefit

  1. noble goals 🙂
    always a good idea too to make sure you’ve got enough savings so you can avoid needing to make use of charity yourself. one of those “first secure your own mask before assisting those around you”* things 🙂 Which is not to be mistaken for “first secure your own mask, then have a pina colada and peruse the inflight magazine, *then* help those around you”.

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