a conversation and a place to visit

How did I not know about Legoland Chicago? I have been seriously lax in my exploration of this area. This must be rectified ASAP!

Other bits. Here is a conversation that my stomach had with my brain about my lunch today.

Stomach: I’m hungry. Make the legs move and take us to lunch.
Brain: We brought lunch today. I’ll just take us to the fridge and …

new operator asks me if I want to join her for lunch

Heart: Over-ride. We’re buying lunch today!
Brain: Yes, Master.
Stomach: I don’t care as long as there is food!

a few minutes later in the cafeteria

Brain: So, what are we getting for lunch?
Heart: We could get what she’s getting …!
Brain: No. We will get what we want and if it happens to be the same, so be it. But we are not going to base our decisions on hers.
Stomach: Feed me!
Brain: OK. What do you want?
Stomach: Ice cream!


Brain and Heart together: Ice cream?!
Brain: No! It’s dessert! And not healthy! And we’ve already had donuts today …
Stomach: One donut!
Brain: Fine. One donut. But that is enough sweets for a day!
Heart: Actually, I would kind of like ice cream, too …
Brain: … what was that?
Heart: mumbles
Brain: Did you just say that you want ice cream, too? You?
Heart: shuffles feet in an embarrassed fashion
Brain: But it’s no good for us! You’re the one who convinced us to start working out!
Stomach: It’s actually frozen yogurt.
Brain: Stop it.
Heart: catching on And look! They have strawberry!
Stomach: excited With real strawberry pieces!
Brain: weakening Strawberries are good for us …
Heart: And they have banana!
Stomach: We could make a swirl …
Heart and Stomach united: … thereby fusing their deliciousness and creating an epic mountain of tasty nutrition!

a few minutes later

New Operator: Did you just buy ice cream for lunch?
Me: I could not help it! It was two against one!

I think that she thought that I meant the two flavors of strawberry and banana vs. myself. Little did she know.


6 responses to “a conversation and a place to visit

  1. I think my heart and stomach have been in secret strategy meetings with yours.

  2. I don’t know about her, but *I* certainly would have found that explanation to be in your favor 🙂
    I have those sort of internal arguments all the frellin’ time.

  3. Fun story, I laughed out loud at several points =)

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