Daily tweets

  • 15:14 Had a brunch for which dying,while unnecessary,would have been deemed an acceptable trade. #BongoRoomIsYumtastic #
  • 15:17 @astar_alone if you have that kind of power over statistics, I’m taking you to Vegas! #
  • 15:17 @astar_alone even if I have to bet against you, we’ll make a killing! #
  • 15:20 @choochoobear would you keep the 70s sideburns, as well? #
  • 18:40 Holey moley! I’m in the front row! #BobbyMcFerrinConcert #
  • 18:42 This is my view! is.gd/d6Saw #BobbyMcFerrinConcert #
  • 19:21 Too excited to tweet! is.gd/d6UtE #BobbyMcFerrin #
  • 19:33 I could have sang with him onstage, but I choked! #BobbyMcFerrin #
  • 19:50 If I had only kept up with jazz dance, I could have danced onstage with him! #BobbyMcFerrin #
  • 20:00 Bobby had the audience sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes!” #BobbyMcFerrin #
  • 20:02 Now “Ave Maria” with a Bach Prelude! #BobbyMcFerrin #
  • 20:24 He just did an amazing version of the Beatles’ “Blackbird!” #BobblyMcFerrin #
  • 20:25 Heh, I accidently typed “Bobbly” in the hashtag. 😛 #
  • 20:26 He’s doing a great mix of improv, stuff from his newest CD, and older stuff. #BobbyMcFerrin #
  • 20:28 I love the fact that he has set up his mike to rattle when he shakes it! #BobbyMcFerrin #
  • 20:40 He just finished a Q&A as an encore! #BobbyMcFerrin #
  • 20:44 Best concert ever! #BobbyMcFerrin #

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