What do you mean it’s July already?

I’ve been too busy to post the past few days. Mostly work, but leaving to see a co-worker get married in about an hour. I would actually bow out, but she has hinted pretty heavily that she is trying to fix me up with a friend of hers. I have kind of avoided this too many times in the recent past so I might as well go. Besides, it is not like I am going out to watch glampyres or anything stupid like that. And if I do not have fun, I can leave during the reception and go out dancing tonight at Esteban’s.

I definitely need to do more exercising. Especially sit ups. I looked at a picture a visiting friend took of me. Ugh! Time to get in shape, preferably one that is less … smooshy-looking.

I also really need to get back into unicycling. I am supposed to have the joust in August! Will I be ready? Only time will tell!


4 responses to “What do you mean it’s July already?

  1. how did the wedding go? 🙂

    • The wedding was beautiful. I had never been to a Jewish wedding before. Very, very nice.
      Butterflies were released as the couple came back down the aisle. The weather was sunny, but not too hot. By the time the couple had their first dance, the sun had set and behind them over the lake, fireworks were exploding for an unrelated Independence Day celebration.
      Like I said, beautiful.

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