Delicious, but Not Easily Edible

Sunday, in a fit of creativity, I decided to make granola bars. “Yes,” I thought. “Granola bars are a fantastic idea! Ever since the cafeteria stopped selling oatmeal, I just have not been eating enough oats! Plus I can fill them with stuff that I like!”

So I looked up a recipe from Saint Alton, got the necessary ingredients, and got to work. I decided to make my bars with almonds, blueberries, cranberries, flaxseed, honey, maple syrup, pecans, and pomegranates. Mmm!

Did you know that if you forget to grease the pan with butter, granola bars are nigh impossible to get out of the pan? No? I do. Or at least, I do now!

I think that I need to invest in a chisel.


12 responses to “Delicious, but Not Easily Edible

  1. If they won’t come out of the pan except in tiny fragments, you can at least pretend that the plan all along was simply to make granola, and declare success!

  2. Thank You once again, Owen for making me laugh 😀 And enjoy your granola 😉 It sounds tasty – even though it didn’t graduate to “bar” form…

    • It was delicious! I must make more at my next opportunity. Eating it for breakfast every morning, it lasted just long enough to finish the work week. 🙂
      And you’re welcome.

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