WARNING: Eating Old Ones May Be Hazardous to Your Health!

Because of the car problem, I missed my first night of owl shift. Hence tonight was my first. Hopefully I shall be able to figure out how to claim a vacation for it.

In the meantime, yay! Only a couple more hours and I shall be finished with my first night!

Since last weekends events prevented me from pre-rotating into this schedule before it started, I have been trying something new. I read in a few places that it is easier to change your body clock if you fast for 12 to 16 hours beforehand. Then, the first time you eat is what your body will consider to be “breakfast” and it will attempt to wake up in time for that for the duration of the time change.

So I originally started this on Sunday figuring that I would be home Monday and could test it by attempting to sleep through Monday and to stay up Tuesday night. Then, on Tuesday, having utterly failed to have made it back to Chicago, I tried the same thing again. And again on Wednesday as I drove back. The end result of all of this is, the last time that I ate more than one meal in a single day was Saturday … and my body clock is completely screwy. It honestly has no idea when I am. Lost in time and space, that’s me.

Except that I am also wide awake and completely lucid. Just starving!

Seriously, if Cthulu showed up, it is debatable about who would eat whom.


10 responses to “WARNING: Eating Old Ones May Be Hazardous to Your Health!

    • Oh I could have eaten. I had food there, and yes, there were vending machines. I simply chose not to eat in an attempt to reset my body clock. It worked! 🙂

  1. vending machines?
    (cthulu crisps)

    • And now I have a bunch of slogans for a Cthulu Crisps ad campaign in my head. Look at what you have unleashed upon the world!
      Cthulu Crisps! Eat them before they eat you!
      Cthulu Crisps! Gaining weight is the least of your problems, now!
      Cthulu Crisps! Giving a new meaning to Snack Attack!
      Cthulu Crisps! Wash them down with Nyarlathotep Nectar, now with water straight from the river Miskatonic!
      Cthulu Crisps Fhtagn!

      I need help.

      • Okay, but only a little as I no brain good right now…
        Cthulu Crisps! You Hastur have more!
        Cthulu Crisps! Their Dagon good!
        Off to hang my head in shame. 😉

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