I have been hoping for this for a couple of years now … an animated sequel show to Avatar: The Last Airbender has just been announced!

I am not surprised at all that this new Avatar will be female. Nor that it will take place after Aang’s death. I am a little surprised that it is only 70 years in the future. I kind of expected it to be a few Avatars removed from Aang. But that’s OK. I am sure that we will get an amazing story.

Thank you, _yggdrasil for pointing this out!


4 responses to “Hip Hip HUZZAH!

  1. (grins) awesome, isn’t it?
    Well, they’re addressing the next implied crisis in the world: what happens when an avatar has to learn airbending after the extinction of the airbenders?
    I was surprised that the main character was a female… but very happy too. Depending on what article you read, it’s kinda hilarious listening to the industry analysts trying to sell this idea to advertisers…. “Not only is the avatar a *girl*, she’s also spunky and ready to take on the world!” (rolls eyes).
    I note that Avatar got high neilson ratings with boys, and with *kids*, but you can find almost nothing on how it rated with girls… (there’s one quote out there that says it was top for girls 9-14 on friday nights). I wonder if an action show that’s popular with girls is harder to sell to the advertisers? I never realized before reading the avatar pitch how much our shitty centralized media is the slave, not of the studios, but of the advertisers. I wonder what they had to do to get Avatar on the air in the first place?

    • Re: (grins) awesome, isn’t it?
      Actually, the airbender issue won’t be an issue.
      I was pretty sure for a while now that this would be the case. I read before in an older interview with the creators (that I can no longer find) that the airbenders were the only benders who were born to people of every kingdom. Hence, the reason that there were no more airbenders for the last hundred years was more that the people who showed that ability were continually found and killed by the Fire Nation.
      Furthermore, it has been postulated that since Aang showed the ability to take away a person’s bending with Spiritbending, that he could “re-boot” the airbenders if he so desired.
      As for how it did with girls, I know that my girls adored it, but that might just be an anomaly. More data is needed!

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