Third time’s the charm!

My first two experiments with attempting to make granola bars were delicious failures. The first time, I forgot to grease the pan. Also, I overcooked the oats, flaxseed, and nuts. The second time, I greased it and cooked the oats and nuts to perfection, but still wound up with granola, rather than anything resembling a bar. This time, I took a cue from my good friend socialmasochist and put parchment paper on the pan. Also, I pressed the granola flat using a potato masher after baking it, but before it cooled. Woo hoo! It worked!

Now I just need to put together the dried fruit from the first experiment with the method from the final version.


4 responses to “Third time’s the charm!

  1. Hooray! It’s all about parchment/waxed paper and lots of sprayable canola oil!

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