The Body of the Conversation

Stomach: Brain!
Brain: Yes, Tummy?
Stomach: Don’t call me that. You know I hate it.
Brain snickering: Oh yeah! I forgot. What’s up?
Stomach: What’s taking so long? I’m hungry!
B: Remember when we went to the store a few hours ago and you kept pointing at various foods saying, “I want that, and that, and that …?”
S: … yes?
B: Preparation is not instantaneous. And remember how I suggested that we look in the 30 minutes or less magazine when you got home, but you wanted …
S: Pasta caprese!
B: Yes. Pasta caprese. And while it is not exactly a time intensive meal, it is not exactly fast either when we need to slice the tomatoes, shred the basil, mince the shallots and garlic, and boil the pasta.
S: What about the mozzerella?
B: I bought the kind that was already formed in little balls of the perfect size. I just had to freeze them so that they will not melt too soon when we add them to the hot pasta.
S:But I’m hungry! Feed me!
B: Why is it that the only time you communicate, it is to complain? Why can’t you ever just send a little note, “feeling fine! Happy to be alive!”
S: Feed me!
B: Supper will be ready in about five minutes. So chill out and I will call you when it’s done, Tummy!

I should write about what a day I had at work. I should write about the weird thing that I heard about as soon as I got in this morning. But I am tired and full and my stomach is pulling blood away from my brain for some reason …


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