Cat Safety and Cable Woes

Yes, yes. I should post things other than wacky videos. But I donwanna! Want to hear about my life? OK.

Blahblahblah! Went to work all week. Blahblahblah. Learning, studying, and training during shutdown. Blahblahblah. Oops! Shutdown is almost over and I have not learned everything I need to learn! Blahblahblah. And next week we turn everything back on. Blahblahblahyakketyschmakkety!

See? What have you missed? Nothing. I attempted to spare you post after post of boredom!

So, enjoy this video of cat safety.

Oh wait! There was one funny thing that happened recently. But this one is going to take some explaining.

Remember how I said that I was going to rearrange my budget so that I can donate to charities through work and get my life in order? I started to put that plan into effect and about a month ago I finally started getting life on track. Part of the pre-requisite for this was that I had to cancel cable TV. So about a month ago, I did that. Internet though would stay, since I need it. I figured that would decrease that particular expense by about 40%. Not too shabby.

My cable provider asked me how I wanted to arrange to return my cable box. Did I want someone to pick it up, to return it to a store, or to mail it in? For the first option, I would have to arrange to stay home from work. I did not like that idea. The second would involve me trying to find one of their outlets, and it sounded like the closest one was a good distance away thanks to wonderful suburban traffic. Option three though was appealing. They would mail me the envelope, postage paid. All I would have to do was stuff it into the envelope, take it to the post office, and be done! I chose that one.

A week went by. No envelope. Another week. No envelope. So, I called them back and asked what was going on. They said that someone was supposed to come by to pick up the box in two days!

Um, what?

I complained about that, but decided in the end to accept it and asked my boss if it would be OK to come in late to work on the appropriate day. No problem.

The cable guy showed up, took the box, gave me a receipt and all was right with the world. I got home from work that same evening and found a note from the post office. Something was waiting for me. When I went to the post office after work the next day, I found that it was the envelope that I had ordered.

Um, what?!

OK. Fine. But at least I knew that they had the box and I had a receipt as proof.

That night I got a call from the cable company. They wanted to verify that I had asked them to cancel my cable and internet services!

What?! No. I explained that I had just canceled cable. They promised me that someone would come soon to get my box and modem.

No. Someone already had my box, I explained. And no one needed to take my modem because: 1) my internet was not being canceled and 2) it was my modem!

Then the person on the phone asked why I had canceled and I explained that I was attempting to save money. That’s when he asked whether I knew that I could keep the same package of cable & internet for the same price that I would be paying for just internet.

What?! O_o

He offered to set me up with a new box with no installation fee. He told me that someone would come out in two weeks and set up the new box. Fine.

Another week went by and I noticed that the company had charged me the old price for my monthly bill. Since I use automatic bill pay, they took out more money than I had planned. Fortunately, I had enough in my account, but I was not amused.

I called them again and tried to straighten things out. I was told that even though I had canceled my service in time, by the time that they had put together the bill, the change had not cycled through. They told me that my next bill would reflect the change and that I would be credited the difference. Also since I was paying in advance, but could not use the cable without a box, my next bill would be pro-rated. Fine.

Two nights ago, I got a call from a collection agency. They wanted the cable box. O_o

I was becoming a bit frustrated by this point.

I verified the fact that I had returned the box. It is a good thing that I kept the receipt. Perhaps not mailing it turned out to be a good thing after all!

A few minutes after that, I got another call from the cable company. “So, we understand that you are canceling your cable and internet!”


I will not crack my neighbors’ codes and steal internet from them. I will not crack my neighbors’ codes and steal internet from them. I will not crack my neighbors’ codes and steal internet from them.

But oh! was it tempting at that point just to get away from this mess!

I have cable again. And internet remains in service. But my patience … she wears thin.


2 responses to “Cat Safety and Cable Woes

  1. gah, yah never attempt to do anything complicated with these companies (or believe anything they say without suspicion). We’ve been doing ATT internet sans cable for a couple years now, took a bit of wrangling the first time, but mark figured out a procedure to get them to give us what we wanted, and he’s been able to replicate it at the new place with minimal trouble.

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