Just what makes that little ant …

This weekend, I sold 1/3 of my comics and a significant chunk of books to Half Price Books. And while 1/3 of my comics is nowhere near as impressive as it once was, it still was an impressive feat, from an emotional standpoint if nothing else. You see, much of my life has gone down to “bare bones” thanks to my many moves. The items that I still own are, for the most part, things that I feel I actually need (or at least want badly.)

But it is still too much. My life is cluttered. My apartment is cluttered. So, I decided that it was time to fix that. I went through my comics and separated out everything that I would probably not read again because I no longer enjoyed them. Then I took out comics that I felt were easily replaceable. Then I made a pile of comics that while I enjoyed them at the time, I simply had fallen out of love with them. Next came storylines that were missing chunks but where it would be easier to buy a collection of the story than to try to track down any individual missing issues. Finally, I made a separate pile of comics that I absolutely positively would keep no matter what because attempting to replace them would not be an effective use of time nor of money. That last pile contained my Neil Gaiman comics, Bone, Usagi Yojimbo, a few miniseries, and any comics that I am currently collecting.

I tried to be ruthless in my assessment. But even now I find myself wondering whether I should have done things differently.

And as for books, I simply asked myself two questions. Have I read it in the past year? Do I plan to read it again … ever? Technical books and cookbooks would normally have been more flexible than fiction but in their case I added a third question. “Is the information in you duplicated anywhere else in a book that I read more often?” I cleared off about three shelves worth of books that way.

I am considering doing the same with my clothes and taking the surplus to a thrift store. Too much stuff. Not enough organization.

So, let’s see.

Cutting down expenses – Check!
Cleaning apartment – Check!
Becoming more organized – Check!
Eating healthier and exercising more – Check!

Lots more to do if I want to change my life, but I have, as the song says, “high hopes.”


6 responses to “Just what makes that little ant …

  1. Argh! School choir flashbacks! *goes looking for a rubber tree plant to burn*

  2. Change is good. 🙂 I’ve never weeded my books as thoroughly as all that, but I suppose it’s getting to about time… I think I would cry to lose a third of them tho. 😦 You are stronger than I!

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