fire burn and cauldron bubble

I love’s Word of the Day. Thanks to some recent words, I now have a new way to say a pretty common concept. Instead of “hit and run” I can say “busticate and absquatulate.”

Last night, I turned on Booster at work. Some of the day crew stayed behind to do a search and secure. Then I unlocked and turned on various power supplies and then ran the aggregates to turn on several others. Finally I went through the halls to turn on manually things that the aggregates missed for one reason or another. Only two systems went poorly. On one, the toggle to allow remote access to the system was physically broken. As in it was dangling on the front panel when I attempted to flip it and the person who went with me actually broke it off when he tried to see if he could manipulated it into the proper state. The second was just … odd.

So there was a power supply to the control panel and an actual power supply for the device. We turned on the power supply to the control panel, which resulted in an off light on the control panel, and an on light and a voltage reading on the power supply to the device. Turning off the power supply to the control panel inversed the states. We called the MCR and they said that they were getting some wacky readings from the device; our instrumentation said that it was both on and off! We made a note of it and left it for the experts to handle in the morning. We are technically not running yet so as long as they can get these problems fixed before shutdown ends on Friday, everything will be cool. And as long as the magic smoke does not escape, it is fixable.

I am seriously considering learning to brew my own alcohol. I have a few ideas for things that I would like to try, plus it would be fun to see if I could make some nice ales that my gluten-free friends could enjoy. And it does fit my “if one fool can do it, another can” attitude. Hmm. I must ponder this.


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