Mostly about last night, but an odd observation comes first.

There is a dent in my right leg. I am pretty sure that it was not always there. I wonder when that happened and what caused it. There also seem to be some light scars above it. Very odd.

I Search and Secured the Main Injector last night. I like that accelerator. It’s pretty straight forward. Long, but mostly easy if you have a partner who is willing to take the motorized carts to go round the tunnels. Walking the whole thing would take forever and be exhausting. Even on carts, it took us about two and a half hours and at the end, both of us just wanted to take showers and go to bed. Why so tiring even with carts? Stairs.

You see, most of the secure is just us driving through the tunnels, looking under, around, and on top of the magnets to make sure that no one is there before we turn on the accelerator. We take keys and as we make sure that an area is safe, we use the keys to enable the security system and raise the interlocks. But there are service buildings in certain spots above the tunnel and people can often enter from there. So, we have to climb the stairs in those places and secure those areas, making sure hit the interlock boxes there, because otherwise the next box in the sequence will not enable.

Climbing these stairs is tiring, but doable. The thing that I do not like about these stairs is that they are not always used. So they can be … um, what’s the word I am looking for … gross!

They can be filled with ground water which tends to grow algae and mold and breed mosquitoes. They might have wasp or birds who want to protect their nests. They might have frogs and toads. Or like the first and worst of the ones that I went through last night, they might be filled with spiders.

And when I say filled with spiders, I do not exaggerate. Have you seen Raiders of the Lost Ark? Remember that scene where Indy went into the cave and it was filled from ground to ceiling with webs and Alfred Molina turned around and had spiders covering his back? Yeah, like that but with smaller (thank God!) spiders. I am totally serious. From the bottom step to the top was one continuous web. At the bottom were the corpses of the smallest spiders who had been devoured by the larger ones at the top. The small area before the steps began was green algae coated water.

I have never liked spiders. I am not an arachnophobe. I can function around them. But the sight of that never-ending web with all of those eight legged freaks staring hungrily at me gave me pause. I just wanted a torch to burn the whole thing to the ground. The words “nuke them from space; it’s the only way to be sure,” played over and over in my head as I forced myself to fight my way through the sticky, grasping mess.

For the next two hours I was pulling strands of spider silk out of my hair and off of my clothes. I took a shower as soon as I got home. I could not stand the idea that I might still have some on me.

On the other hand, every other stairway after that one was a relief. No matter how stinky or green or filled with mosquitoes it was, at least I was not forcing my way through yard after yard of spider-web. Even one where the webs were about chest high was not as bad as seeing them stretch from floor to ceiling. I am surprised that I did not have nightmares about it.

Spiders. *shudder*


Anyway, I was pretty pleased with myself last night. I found my first dummy. I was with someone last summer when they found one, but I technically saw it after he did. This time, I saw it first! Woo hoo! Go, me!

I should write about the weirdness with my attempts to get my new car registered here in Illinois, but I have far too much to do today. Maybe tomorrow.


16 responses to “Mostly about last night, but an odd observation comes first.

  1. Spiders?!?! Eww eww eww eww eww!!!

    • Yeah, that’s pretty much how I felt. I understand that they are necessary and that if that many of them lived there, they probably ate a zillion mosquitoes, but I did not care. I needed fire of some sort. A torch would have been nice. Or a flame thrower.

  2. Great Aliens reference!!!
    Also, as you’ve been reading my own adventures of late, you can understand that I empathize very, very much with your spider situation.
    (Hope you kept your mouth closed!)

    • Fortunately, the thought of necrotic venom did not cross my mind until after I took my shower. My first joking thought as I pushed my way through the silk was, “well, I know that a radioactive spider bite won’t really give me super powers, but wouldn’t it be funny if …?”

      • (laughs) you need to start this story out next time with “Did I ever tell you about the giant nest of radioactive spiders where I work? It’s sticky”
        also, i’d vote for you as spiderman. definitely.

      • That is pretty close to how I started it for a friend of mine yesterday. I then asked if she would be my Mary Jane if I suddenly developed spider powers.
        She just laughed.

  3. Carts? Ok. But I think your experience there could be improved by using groovy little motor scooters…

    • While motor scooters would definitely be fun, there is the problem that we occasionally need to carry heavy equipment or larger than life sized dummies on them. Can you imagine trying to zip underground in a dark tunnel on a scooter with a six and a half foot dummy riding bitch behind you?

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