In which our hero blows off steam

Still have not worked out the whole cross-posting thing. Then again, I have not really been trying to post anywhere, so I suppose that’s why.

I’m actually annoyed at the moment. This is a rarity.

I logged onto Y! and AIM for the first time in a while today and chatted with a few friends. One of them was someone I had not seen in almost ten years. She did two things that ticked me off. First, she assumed that just because I was being nice to her, I wanted to hook up. Second, she “mis-corrected” my spelling of a word.

Now, it is one thing to correct a word that I type when I am wrong. It is another when I am correct. The word in question was “yay.” She told me that the word was not written “yay” but “yea.” I do not dispute that “yea” is an older form of the word, however I know that “yay” is acceptable. I used and showed her and figured that we could move on. Then she pulled out Merriam-Webster and said I was wrong. So I pulled out the big guns and used the Oxford English Dictionary. She responded with “Oxford is just bowing to pressure from people who do not know how to spell ‘yea.’

Really?! WTF? I wasn’t looking for a fight. I was expressing excitement over something she had told me and she has to do that?



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