In which our hero battles pseudo-physical principles …

So, I heard about a site that analyzes the writing style of blogs. It’s called So I gave it a try.

At least I write as my correct age, even if I apparently do not look it. But do I really write like a woman? Oh well, I guess I can live with that.

This week has been crazily busy at work. An average crew has four members. Since one of mine transferred departments, we are down to three. That’s usually OK. Three is pretty much the minimum that a crew needs to function correctly.

But one of my crew members is on vacation for two weeks.

OK. Fine. That is do-able. Two crew members is tight, but we are on the day shift this past week, so people on backup can be recruited to help out.

But apparently many of the backup crew members took this week off for vacation and/or personal reasons as well.

Still, not too horrible. We have had at least a couple of people on backup every day. They have been able to come up and help now and then. As long as neither of the people in front have any tragedies …

Wednesday, my sole crew member tripped over some safety tape* and fractured his elbow.

Now, along with all of that, imagine that the particle accelerators at work have decided to act along the principles of quantum murphydynamics.

The best thing about this week, it feels like autumn. I am absolutely ready for that season. I crave apple picking. And cider. And cracklesnap nights with stars sparking, campfires crunching, and leaves flaming on the trees.


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