A Song That Makes Me Dance

I cannot end on a sad note. That just is not me. So I will do one music meme entry for today. If you missed the first parts, I am going to include links to previous posts in the list at the bottom.

It is well known that I love to dance. It is only recently that I have become any good at it. I will never be a professional. I have no desire to be. I just want to have fun.

But since I am into three kinds of dance, I hope no one minds that I will be putting up three songs.

The first of which, “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince was played at pretty much every dance I attended in high school. It was just filled with energy and abandon and sexuality. I would listen to that song and for a few minutes, it did not matter that I was a skinny geek who loved science. I could grab the hand of any girl in the room, drag her to the dance floor, and just let loose. And we could have fun. And nothing else mattered. And unless the next song was a slow song, we could just keep dancing without any of the typical teen awkwardness or self-consciousness. To this day, I cannot hear this song without wanting to shake it!

The next one is a classic. “Sing Sing Sing (with a Swing)” by Benny Goodman is one of the reasons that I learned to swing dance in the first place. Listen to those drums! Listen to that clarinet! I used to play this song for my friends who said that jazz was boring. This song just begs for fun and improvisation! Give me this song, a decent dance floor, and a playful partner and we can knock your socks off!

And finally, because you knew that I had to have at least one salsa-related song here, “Nací Orishas” by Orishas. This is not a song that most purists would consider a salsa. Then again, true purists would say that salsa is a food, not a dance. The correct term by their reckoning is “Afro-Cuban” and this definitely fits that description. Whatever you call this though, I love to dance to this song, again with a decent dance floor and a partner who does not mind playing with me.

Day 1: Your favorite song.
Day 2: A song that makes you cry.
Day 3: A song that makes you dance.
Day 4: Your favorite male singer.
Day 5: Your favorite female singer.
Day 6: Your favorite band.
Day 7: One band/singer you’re ashamed to admit you like.
Day 8: One band/singer whose popularity you will never understand.
Day 9: A song that reminds you of an ex.
Day 10: A song that reminds you of your father.
Day 11: A song that reminds you of your mother.
Day 12: A song that makes you want to have sex.
Day 13: A song you sing in the shower.
Day 14: A song from the year you were born.
Day 15: A song you liked in high school.
Day 16: The first song in your mp3 folder.
Day 17: The last song in your mp3 folder.
Day 18: An instrumental song you like.
Day 19: Your favorite love song.
Day 20: Your favorite breakup song.
Day 21: A song that makes you want to break stuff.
Day 22: Your favorite song from a movie.
Day 23: Your favorite duet.
Day 24: Your favorite cover song.
Day 25: Your favorite song from 2010 (so far)
Day 26: Your favorite music video.
Day 27: One song in your mp3 folder you’re pretty sure no one else has.
Day 28: One song that needs to never be played again.
Day 29: One song that gives you the creeps.
Day 30: A song you’d like played at your funeral.


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