I wonder if I would be cast in that new AMC series …?

As I opened the door to leave for work, I saw a piece of paper flutter down and land at my feet. I picked it up and skimmed it before putting it on the kitchen table and rushing out the door. I was not amused by what I read.

Basically, it said that tomorrow/today/Friday the 24th, between 9am and 6pm someone was coming to spray my apartment for bugs. I was to remove all objects from my bedroom floor, take all linens from my mattress, and remove the mattress from the bed frame. I was to remove all objects from my closets as well. Furthermore, I was not allowed to be in the house for three hours after the spraying.

This could not possibly come at a worse time for me. After all, I was leaving for work when I got the notice and I would not even be back in my apartment until about 9am. When I did return, I would want to sleep. Not remove all of my belongings from my apartment, take apart my bed, and then vacate the premises for the rest of the day!

I am sure that this would have been no problem if this had happened while I was on day shift. Heck, even evening shift would have been do-able (although annoying.) I shall assume that they left the note before 5pm. If so, on days I would have seen it when I got home. If it was left after 3-3:30 on a day that I worked evenings, I would not have seen it until I got home from work at midnight. I would have been annoyed at trying to clean my apartment that late at night, but it would still have been OK. Either way, staying out all day would have been perfectly fine.

Obviously, my best hope is to try to talk to the landlord as soon as I get home and explain the situation. I need to convince them to do it next Thursday. Otherwise, they run the risk of encountering Zombie-Owen. Zombie-Owen does not vacate. Zombie-Owen simply devours the unwary while moaning softly.


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