Groundhog Day






I woke up at 5am. Showered. Dressed. Packed an overnight bag just in case. Brought food to share with my co-workers. And walked down the stairs to be greeted by a world of white.

This was not a surprise. The meteorologists had been predicting a blizzard for days. What was a surprise was that the front of my car was completely buried.

Thus began my Groundhog Day.

All my life, I have been amused & slightly chagrined about the whole thing. I do not know anyone who actually believes that a small mammal possesses powers of prostignation. It’s not even like Santa Claus. No, the groundhog myth is stranger by far in my eyes. No one believes it, yet society (in particular the news) makes a big deal about it. For a few minutes on the second of February, every television channel and radio station carries reports about the behaviors of local & national “official” groundhogs. They send live crews. They do interviews. Punxatawny, Pennsylvania becomes a national hub.

It’s odd.

Why do we spend so much time and money reporting something that no one believes? After all, reporters are not free. Neither is airtime nor equipment. Plus, they have to figure in travel expenses. While this is probably quite a windfall for Punxatawny, it is less understandable why national and cable news teams would be involved.

From what I understand, the groundhog predicted the start of spring. My photographs and personal experience disagree with that assessment.

Oh!  I almost forgot to mention the food!  My co-workers & I made lunch while we were there.  I made chilaquiles.  Two of the crew chiefs made kielbasa, sauerkraut, italian sausage with peppers & onions, and beans.  It was all delicious!


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