Las rastas vuelven

I examined my reflection and made my decision. The day had arrived. No more delaying. No more hesitation. I was going to do it.

I was going to seriously start my dreadlocks.

My hair has been trying to dread itself for months now. It is time to allow it to achieve its destiny.

I switched to the no-residue shampoo and washed my hair. I wrapped the base of the “proto-dreads” with rubber bands and let them air dry.

Tomorrow, I’ll rub beeswax into my locks and start the whole process anew. Was it really six years ago that I did this last?  I did well, last time. This time, I’ll do even better. I’ll take better care of them. They shall be better. Stronger. Smoother.

I certainly hope that it shall not cost $6 million to pull this off.

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